Do you suffer from headaches, migraines or jaw (TMJ) pain?


Headache is a common disorder with an estimated lifetime prevalence of 96% and a point prevalence of 16% (1). Because over 70% of persons with frequent intermittent headache report neck symptoms associated with their headache (2), it therefore may encourage delivery of treatment to the cervical region. It is proposed that the cervical spine may contribute to different types of headache such as migraine and tension type headache (3).

Physio Connex has a special interest in the assessment and management of headache and jaw pain (TMJ disorders). Complementing our services is Brendan Clark, a certified Watson Headache(R) practitioner, bringing expertise and innovative clinical reasoning in managing headache and migraine cases. Both physiotherapists use a combination of lifestyle management strategies, manual therapy, dry needling and exercise to effect lasting change.


We are here to help headache & jaw pain (TMJ) sufferers

It is our experience that patients with chronic headache and TMJ pain are not fully informed on the course of management for their issue. Here we provide you with some useful links and information about the different types of headache and the options available for their management.


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