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Achieve optimum performance in your sport and life

Injury Management and Sports Rehabilitation

Physio Connex Performance Clinic located in North Wyong is committed to helping patients to achieve a sustained and improved quality of life. Offering longer appointment times involving a ‘bigger picture’ analysis to enable more accurate treatment and by applying high performance treatment principles whether the patient is an athlete or not, Physio Connex Performance Clinic consistently delivers a premium service for patients for the long term.

Our Physiotherapists utilise the latest in effective techniques and evidence-based physiotherapy treatments whilst leveraging connections with associated specialists and physicians to ensure optimal recovery and continuity of care.

What Physio Connex Performance Clinic offers:

Cutting edge holistic treatment: using latest techniques, technology and equipment with evidence-based physiotherapy. 

Longer appointment times:  patients won’t feel rushed, we take the time that’s needed.

Sports recovery experts: Not just fixing pain but ensuring appropriate filtration back into the specific sport.

Connect Therapy approach: providing more holistic and effective outcomes.

Headache and TMJ (jaw) clinics.

Casting services, boots, braces.

Strength and Conditioning programs: run by experts in their field

Game Ready Unit: ice AND compression therapy system for acute injury recovery and post-surgical rehabilitation

Full scale state of the art gym: larger strength and conditioning gym with a functional rehab area

Remedial massage: including pregnancy massage

one-on-one consultations

Our physiotherapists treat each patient based on their unique needs. This may include: Video analysis; Connect Therapy; casting and immobilisation; headache & TMJ clinic therapy, Game Ready treatment, Compex Unit, comprehensive rehabilitation management; remedial massage; dry needling; western acupuncture and more besides.

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