New innovation in Recovery: Get Game Ready!


Here at Physio Connex, the Game Ready system is available as part of your injury rehabilitation or recovery from competition.

What is Game Ready?

  • A device that provides intermittent compression AND cold therapy by controlling air pressure and fluid flow
  • Specially designed wraps or boots for specific body parts
  • Designed in the USA, this system is used in Olympic training and professional sporting environments
  • Adjustable cold and compression settings to suit patient needs, operating from 1-10⁰ and low to high compression modes



Benefits of Game Ready:

  • Useful in all phases of rehabilitation – acute (0-4 days), sub-acute (5-14 days) and post-acute (>15 days)
  • Decrease post-competition muscle stiffness and soreness (DOMs)
  • Decrease muscle spasms
  • Decrease inflammation and tissue damage
  • Decrease swelling and controls oedema formation
  • Decrease use of pain-relief medications
  • Improved early range of motion



Game Ready is appropriate for:

  • Ankle ligamentous and syndesmosis sprains
  • Knee ligamentous injuries – ACL, PCL, Medial and Lateral collaterals
  • Joint/Cartilage/Meniscus injuries
  • Post-operative recovery
  • Muscle strains and tears
  • Corks / Haematomas
  • Tendon pain and tendinopathy

For further information on Game Ready visit the Game Ready website.



Cold and Compression therapy

For decades the benefits of cold and compression have been used to aid recovery from injury and muscle soreness.

The physiology behind these modalities have been researched and the consensus is that they are effective and affordable, when compared to other forms of recovery.

Designed in the USA, the Game Ready system is the gold standard of cold compression therapy, having been utilised in Olympic training and professional sporting environments.






Matt Ikuvalu

Professional Rugby League player (Sydney Roosters)

“The NRL pre-season and in-season can be physically tolling on my body so it is a priority that I take care of it. The days are long consisting of weights, field work and wrestle in the gym with a bit of down time in between. During the downtime it is critical to be diligent with recovery to make sure I am ready for the next task. The Game Ready is perfect for recovery, pushing me through muscle and joint aches that I get whilst training.

It also reduced the swelling immensely after I suffered an MCL injury earlier this year during the ANZAC round. This started looking like a 3-4 week injury but thanks to the Game Ready I was back after only 10 days!

For all athletes, staying fit and healthy for the whole season is a primary goal and through the use of the Game Ready I know that it makes this goal possible.”



Jack Burraston

Wyong Roo’s First Grade Rugby League player (ACL reconstruction May 2018)

Game Ready really helped me get a jump on my recovery from ACL surgery, it helped with the pain relief and swelling. It was a simple application and really comfortable. It was really helpful after physio sessions and to recover quicker from my exercise program – so I can get stuck into my exercises again the next day.

My surgeon also recommended it and said he has seen better progress in his patients at the 6-week mark when they use the Game Ready.”


Eloni Vunakece

Retired Professional Rugby League Player (Sydney Roosters and Fiji Bati)

“I was lucky enough not to be too injured in my playing days. The times I was though the Game Ready would shave time and effort from my rehab regime. The combination of cold and compression combined two healing factors in the recovery process allowing me to return to work, play and normal life much earlier than expected.

I tore my plantar fascia in 2016 and the Game Ready helped get back to normal training 1.5 weeks before I was due back.



Jayme Fressard

ex-Australian Rugby 7’s and current NSWRL Blues squad member (ACL reconstruction November 2018)

“Whilst playing Rugby League for CRL Newcastle in 2018 I suffered a significant knee injury – I tore my left ACL and MCL. Before I had surgery, I didn’t have access to Game Ready although I did still have to rest, ice and elevate my knee.

After surgery I was recommended by my coaches and physio to use the Game Ready system. I was very lucky to have the opportunity to have a Game Ready unit with me at home after I underwent an ACL reconstruction. From the first time I used the machine I was straight away aware of the benefits. With the amount of cold and compression I got from the Game Ready, it helped to reduce the swelling straight away and helped minimise the pain, allowing me to get up and moving on my feet earlier than I expected.

I strongly believe the Game Ready had a massive part of putting me ahead in my rehab schedule. It’s one of my favourite bits of recovery equipment – if I could own one myself I would!!!”