Physiotherapy & Sport

Physiotherapists and those that work in sport, a unique field within physiotherapy dedicated to the assessment and treatment of injuries related to sports and exercise at all levels and ages.

Sports injuries do differ from day-to-day injuries. Athletes typically require high-level performance and demand placed upon their body, which stresses their muscles, joints and bones to the limit. Physiotherapists help athletes recover from sporting injuries and provide education and resources to prevent problems. They have a high level of understanding of your training demands and work with your coaches to ensure rehab is integrated and inclusive of your performance and coaching requirements.

Physiotherapists require additional expertise to provide the best of care for their athletes which is best achieved utilising their experiences and further professional training in the sports world. At Physio Connex Performance Clinic we are fortunate to have physiotherapists with extensive experience working with sporting teams who can assist our athlete patients.

University of Newcastle

La Trobe University

Charles Sturt University

Australian Catholic University

Australian Physiotherapy Association



Meet our Team

Melinda Dennis

B.Physio (UON), Connect Therapy Series Graduate, APAM

Scott Howard

B.Physio (Hons), APAM | MClinExPhy(Rehab), ESSAM

Brendan Clark

APAM MACP l B.App.Sc. Physio l M.Hlth.Sc. Sports Physio

Kelsey Clark

B.Physio (UON), APAM

Jai Hupton

B.Physio (CSU), APAM

Sports Physiotherapy services available

Other related services

Our Strength and Conditioning assessment and programming and Exercise Physiology services are ideal for Central Coast athletes to be accessing on a regular basis or as their needs require.

We also offer sports remedial massage to aid with injury prevention and management and enhancing performance for athletes.

Physio Connex Performance Clinic is pleased to be able to offer comprehensive Sports Coverage services to local sporting teams.

Kelsey with patient

Working together with local healthcare professionals

The team at Physio Connex Performance Clinic in North Wyong have been working closely with local healthcare professionals and specialists for many years to ensure optimal outcomes for patients and enhanced continuity of care.