Compex Unit – an electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) unit


The Compex machine is an electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) unit which incorporates technology to ensure precision and effectiveness when used in your rehabilitation. EMS reproduces the process involved in a voluntary muscle contraction by exciting nerve fibres. The Mi-Technology built into the Compex unit personalises the stimulation parameters based on the physiology of each user.


Compex is used all over the world – from weekend warrior athletes to international CrossFit competitors to those recovering from surgery.


Physio Connex owns a wireless Compex SP 8.0 machine and is utilised for:

  • Muscle imbalances
  • Muscle inhibition post-surgery
  • Tendonitis and Tendinopathy
  • Acceleration of rehab after muscle tears / strains
  • Reduction of pain due to poor activating muscles e.g anterior patella (kneecap) pain due to weak quadriceps.


electrical muscle stimulation - compex unit

Renee Wall

ACL reconstruction 2018

“In 2018 I had an ACL reconstruction after completely rupturing my left ACL during a game of soccer in 2017. Everything was going really well with my knee rehab, with Mel’s guidance at Physio Connex, until during one weights session I started to feel pain in the front of my knee. I was still able to exercise but with some anterior knee pain, that was causing discomfort and didn’t want to go away. Mel asked me if I’d be keen to try out the new Compex machine to see if it would make any difference, by assisting me in firing up muscles that I couldn’t do on my own and lessening the pain I was getting during weights and bending. Mel created a specific program for me to follow over 6 weeks where I could come in and use the machine on my own. I would use one set of electrodes along my left quad and one on the top of my left glute. During the 6 weeks I noticed a difference in my abilities to fire up those muscles that I couldn’t seem to do on my own, therefore creating pain free exercises. The Compex machine was extremely beneficial to me, after the 6 week program I found myself easing back into lifting heavier weights again without any pain and without the machine.”