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High Performance training

strength training

Physio Connex is unique in that we cater for the entire rehabilitation and performance continuum under one roof! Not only do our clients have access to expert physiotherapists but also our exercise physiologist and strength and conditioning coach, Nathan Walker. Our sports performance gym and tailored programming helps our athletes recover from injury with aim to return back to sport performing better than before! We also can help non-injured athletes work on aspects of their sport such as strength, speed, change of direction and agility to overall improve sports performance and reduce injury-risk. See below what we can offer:


physical rehabilitation

End-stage rehabilitation: rehabilitation is a continuum from expert physiotherapy to strength and conditioning programming. Here at Physio Connex we embrace the strengths of each profession and work together to give our patients the best end result. Following initial rehab with physio, you will be transitioned to our strength and conditioning coach to ensure improved performance (better than before!) and reduced re-injury risk.

Strength and conditioning maintenance: Whilst you are seeking advice from a physiotherapist about an injury, we want to reduce the adverse effects of not training such as loss of fitness and strength of other muscles. An S&C will work with you to manipulate your training load so you can continue to train the body parts unaffected by the injury, whilst not adding any unwanted stress to the injured site.

Sports Performance

sports performance training

following identification of your specific goals, we use periodised programming and superior coaching to improve sports performance.

Strength and Power training – Movements like squat, deadlift, bench press, core strength, jump and landing mechanics are utilised to work on your performance deficits. It is important to us that these movements are perfected before programming dynamic variations which promotes the muscle/tendinous adaptations we need for sports enhancement.

Conditioning – For field and court-based athletes (however not limited too), we want to coach movements such as running technique, and changing direction/stepping. We then want to promote anaerobic components of fitness such as acceleration, deceleration, maximum running velocity and change in direction, and aerobic capacities such as your maximum aerobic speed. Performance under fatigue is a huge factor in the end result of your game, match or event, therefore our conditioning programs will also include this aspect.

Weight Lifting

weight lifting

critique and supervision whilst weightlifting.

Whether you’re a competitive weightlifter, sports athlete, or just using the gym to keep in shape, learning how to lift weights is a very unappreciated skill. When done correctly, weightlifting can increase muscle size, strength, and power, improving aesthetics, performance and health. However, when not done correctly, it can cause tightness, discomfort and/or pain. This leads to injury and under-performance. We often find this is mainly due to the movement not being performed correctly. By gaining coaching, even from a single session, you can learn how to load muscles appropriately and lift with the intended musculature. This leads to reduced injury risk and more gains on the bar!

Our Programs

One-on-one programming: periodised, individual programming. Designed to be performed while supervised in our performance gym and also for sessions when unsupervised in your own gym! This superior service kicks off with an initial, 60-minute, one-on-one session with our strength and conditioning coach. From here you will be set up with a personalised profile and program giving you direct access on your phone. Exercises may be tweaked along the way, with major upgrades taking place after each 4-week block.

Unique packages now available. Enquire via our Front Desk.

private training

Semi-private tailored programming 


We understand not all exercises require supervision therefore have designed a cost-effective way for everyone to access superior strength and conditioning coaching.

Sessions are 60 minutes in duration with participants having a staggered start every 15 minutes.

No more than 4 people are participating at one time and attention from our coach is distributed in a tailored and effective manner.

An initial one-on-one, private session is offered FREE before commencing.

ALL programs are individualised, you just share the space (maximum 4 participants):

weight lifting supervised training

Weight Lifting


Offered as a one-on-one, 60-minute coaching session.

Pick a lift and we will tailor the session to improve that lift, for example deadlift.

Includes specific warm-up, mobility and activation exercises.

Periodised ‘take-home’ program can be added if you wish to also make specific gains in weight moved during this lift.

strength and agility training

Sport-specific agility, speed and conditioning

60-minute running session tailored (but not limited) to field and court sports.

Available one-on-one or in a group setting (maximum 8 participants).

Testing is performed in your initial session which will help shape your program and measure progress.

One-on-one programs are tailored to your specific and niche goals whether it be return from injury or working on a specific deficit.

For group sessions, a pre-paid one-week trial is offered before committing to a monthly membership or block of training.

Group sessions are divided into two separate categories: speed and conditioning (Monday, Tuesday); change of direction and conditioning (Wednesday, Thursday). We enforce a minimum of one rest day.

Sessions held at private and public sports grounds within 5km of Physio Connex.