Why add Compex to your training or rehab?

Compex while training

Electric muscle stimulation (or E-stim) is where a mild electrical pulse is sent through the skin to stimulate muscles or nerves. It is a painless treatment which can aid recovery and reduce pain. At Physio Connex we have had great success with using the Compex (E-stim) unit to treat muscle imbalances, muscle inhibition post-surgery, tendonitis and tendinopathy, to accelerate rehab after muscle tears/strains and to reduce pain due to poor activating muscles e.g kneecap pain due to weak quadriceps.


The Compex unit is different from using a TENS machine as the current is stronger, enabling the muscles to contract as it targets specific muscle fibres. In fact, the benefit of using the Compex unit is that it can stimulate more muscle fibres than you are able to contract yourself – even when you contracting at 100% max effort!


It is particularly effective when muscles are weakened, for example post-surgery or injury, when the patient is unable to fire up the muscles on their own.


For recovery, the forced repeated muscle contractions from the Compex unit help to increase blood flow and in turn, repair sore, stressed or fatigued muscles. One study of baseball athletes compared recovery techniques – a Compex group, a jogging group and a passive recovery group between innings’ for pitchers. Compex recovery on the arm and shoulder had better blood lactate clearance compared to both other groups, allowing for better performance in the next innings (higher pitching speed compared to both other groups). Amazing results to consider for any athlete – whether you want to clear your cement legs after that a big ride or your chest from yesterday’s bench workout.



Compex is not just for rehab though, it has been recommended by studies to complement traditional training in athletes as it has shown to improve results. One young group of female gymnasts used Compex on their quads in addition to regular gymnastics training. After 3 weeks, quad strength and jumping performance both significantly increased compared to the non-Compex group. A similar study in soccer athletes showed significant improvements after 3 weeks in quad muscle strength compared to the non-Compex group. These studies show how even short-term implementation of Compex into your training regime can help you perform at your best.


These devices would be pricey to own yourself but come with no extra cost with your treatment at Physio Connex. Plus, of course, our experienced physios can ensure you get the best results no matter where you are on your journey – whether you’re trying to rehab post-surgery or get an edge on your athletic performance.