Telehealth is a consultation provided by phone or video

Are you self-isolating or practicing social distancing?

Have you moved out of the area or are you working away from home and unable to get into the practice?

Due to popular demand Physio Connex are now offering telehealth services for Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology!



What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is a consultation provided by phone or video. Our practitioners will conduct a thorough history, talk you through certain movements or tests whilst observing your movement and asking for feedback on how you feel performing them. They will then formulate a plan for you including education on the problem, advice and self-management strategies for pain relief, and exercise to restore function.

Exercise programs (included with your consultation) can be accessed via a free app called PhysiApp. This allows the practitioner to monitor your performance of the exercises and how you feel whilst performing them. Your exercise program can be edited and adjusted as you progress. The app also has a chat function, so you can send through questions or comments on your program and allows us to respond accordingly.

We can also utilise Dropship – which is the delivery of rehab and exercise equipment direct to your door.

Whilst hands-on treatment such as soft tissue massage and joint mobilisation has evidence to support its place within treatment, it is education, advice and exercise that forms the foundation of treatment on your road to recovery. If you want or need an alternative to hands-on treatment, stretches, foam rollers, trigger point balls and bands can be utilised. Your practitioner can demonstrate how to perform these techniques and ensure you are performing them correctly.

How does Telehealth work?

When the appointment time comes, we will call you to ensure the time is still convenient and take a pre-payment via credit or debit card. Once this is completed, you will be transferred to your practitioner for phone consultations or asked to click a link in your SMS or email reminder for video sessions. Simple!

You do not need to download any software to access video consultations however you need to allow camera and microphone access – which will be prompted upon connection.

To maximise the effectiveness of your telehealth consultation please consider the following:

  • Have a fully charged computer (preferred), tablet or smart phone.
  • If using a computer, ensure you have the most up to date version of your internet browser.
  • Consider connectivity – to minimise interruptions please use a reliable internet connection.
  • Ensure the room is quiet and private, and that you will not be disturbed (we will do the same from our side).
  • Set up the camera in a well-lit area with enough space to allow you to move and for the practitioner to observe the affected area.
  • Ensure you are dressed appropriately. For example, a singlet for the shoulder or neck, shorts for the ankle or knee


Can I claim for telehealth services?

From Tuesday 14th April 2020, most health funds will be supporting telehealth consultations under certain conditions.

Workcover (with pre-approval), DVA and Medicare have also begun to support telehealth consultations.


Book your telehealth consultation

To book your initial telehealth consultation please call our reception on (02) 4314 5183 or book online.