Physio Connex Athlete Performance and Strength Assessment


Physio Connex Athlete Performance and Strength Assessment – How do you measure up?

As most of our patients know – our mantra here at Physio Connex is – individualised, cutting-edge, evidence-based services – whether it’s physiotherapy or strength and conditioning programming. There’s no cookie-cut – each patient or client are not one in the same. At Physio Connex, we offer an Athlete Performance and Strength Assessment which uses the latest science in conjunction with your goals and put you through a physical assessment. The purpose – development of a strength and conditioning program specific to you.

After you book your 60-minute assessment our Strength and Conditioning Coach, Jack, will email you a questionnaire in relation to your performance goals and aspirations, injury and medical history, and current training regime.

Our Athlete Performance and Strength Assessment uses a mix of tailored physical tests as well as the functional movement screen (FMS). The FMS is an exercise screen which assesses an individual’s movement patterns. It uses a scoring system to specifically look at strength, mobility and stability. The underlying goals of our assessment is to identify movement limitations, strength and skill deficits, so they can be addressed and improved using our periodised training programs.

It’s important to remember, the assessment is only as good as the clinician or coach’s ability to interpret the information collected. Anyone can put you through an assessment which spits out a score. But it’s the skill of the coach to be able to identify where an athlete may be lacking in flexibility, strength or skill, and where they are using compensatory movements to overcome these limitations.

By having an optimal movement pattern and addressing imbalances, an athlete can:

  • perform full ranges of movement which opens the door for muscles to access their full potential
  • maintain an optimal posture throughout various positions reducing risk of injury
  • build strength and power for specific sporting requirements

All assessments and supervised programming are done onsite at our very own Performance facility in North Wyong.

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