Get Game Ready in 2022!

A patient using the Game Ready system

Designed in the USA, the Game Ready system is a device that combines cryotherapy and intermittent compression through controlling air pressure and the flow of fluid. When compared to traditional Rest-Ice-Compression-Elevation (RICE) methods, the Game Ready System provides cooling that is faster, longer lasting, and able to penetrate deeper into the tissues. The image below shows this comparison!

The specially designed wraps and boots allows for specific body parts to be targeted. The anatomically engineered wraps provide optimal coverage, better surface area and a comfortable fit allowing for more effective cold/compression therapies. The Velcro design allows for easy application and the ability to snap in and out of treatment mess free!


What type of injuries is Game Ready suitable for?

  • Ankle ligamentous and syndesmosis sprains
  • Knee ligamentous injuries – ACL, PCL, Medial and Lateral collaterals
  • Joint/Cartilage/Meniscus injuries
  • Post-operative recovery
  • Muscle strains and tears
  • Corks/haematomas
  • Tendon pain and tendinopathy


Game Ready allows for optimal therapeutic benefits post injury or surgery. The benefits include:

  • Decrease in pain and discomfort
  • Reduces the need for pain relief medication.
  • Decrease inflammation and tissue damage.
  • Decrease in swelling and controls oedema formation.
  • Decreases post competition muscle stiffness and soreness (DOMs)
  • Increase post-op range of motion
  • Possible increase in patient satisfaction with the rehab process.


Man using the Game Ready system


The Game Ready System is the gold standard of cold compression therapy and is the injury and surgery recovery technology of choice for thousands of leading orthopaedic surgeons, physiotherapists, and athletic trainers. The machine has been used by countless patients, elite athletes, even in Olympic training and professional sporting environments deeming it to be an excellent rehab tool to use for our patients here at Physio Connex Performance Clinic.


Patient Testimonies


Matt Ikuvalu – Professional Rugby League Player (Sydney Roosters & Cronulla Sharks)

“The Game Ready is perfect for recovery, pushing me through muscle and joint aches that I get whilst training.”


Jayme Fressard – NRLW player, Ex-Australian Rugby 7’s Player

“From the first time I used the machine I was straight away aware of the benefits. It helped to reduce the swelling straight away and helped minimise the pain” (Post ACL Reconstruction).


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