What can you do for your pain in these times of social distancing?

Pain and telehealth

Pain Management and Covid -19

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect the way we live our normal lives, the confusion surrounding what you can and can’t do is seeming to be increasing.

A quick overview:

  • There are no restrictions to physiotherapy practice.
  • We will remain open to help people recover from their injuries and ailments, offloading GPs and hospitals in the process.
  • We are adhering to the World Health Organisation Infection Control Guidelines.

The Federal Health Minister, Greg Hunt, has encouraged continuation of vital face-to-face appointments.

But if you are self-isolating or social distancing, there are some important steps you can take in assisting your own recovery and manage your pain.

  1. Hands-on vs Hands-off treatment

Near all injuries benefit from a combination of hands-on treatment and the exercises that follow to maintain these gains once you get home. Often when people hear the term “hands-on” their mind goes immediately to massage. Here are a few other ways to gain similar effects at home:

  • Foam rolling
  • Using a trigger point ball
  • Applying topical creams
  • Using heat or ice
  • Using “flossing bands” for stiff tissue (can google it if you’re not familiar)
  • Taping
  • Self-mobilising
  • Using intermittent compression – like tubi-grip or compression garments

“Hands-off” normally relates to the exercises prescribed by your physio to get you moving and build on strength or stability. These are best done regularly and can include resistance with weights or elastics. Referencing the program given to you by your physio is the best way to stay on track. If you need upgrades or modification to your program, just call and we can do it over the phone and via PhysiTrack exercise software.

  1. Keep mobile

There are no restrictions on you exercising either at home or outside within your neighbourhood (except you must be by yourself or in a pair, and not be at a beach or outdoor gym). As long as you keep your social distancing and hygiene principles in check – go for a walk, run, cycle – in shot – MOVE! There are significant health impacts from a sedentary lifestyle and certainly negative impacts on your recovery. The health recommendations remain the same – 30mins of moderate intensity exercise most days of the week.

  1. Stay in touch with your health professional or GP

The load on the hospital system is enough at the moment, let alone what ever is to come in the following months. So, it is best to keep your pain levels at bay with contact with your physio or GP, rather than allowing a build of symptoms which may lead you to the local Emergency Department.


In the case you would like specific advice, Physio Connex are now offering Telehealth phone or video consultations – book online here. Find out more about these services click here –> Telehealth Consultation