Blog – Men’s Health Week – 7 health facts about the Y chromosome

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Blog – Men’s Health Week – 7 health facts about the Y chromosome


From 14-20th June the focus shifts to Men’s Health. But what’s all the fuss about, we all need to look after our health, right?


True, though here are some stats that will make you think:


  • Life expectancy is 4.4 years less for men than women
  • Men take their own lives at four times the rate of women (that’s five men a day, on average).
  • 94% of all workplace fatalities are men
  • 80% of Spinal Cord Injuries occur in men
  • 70% of learning and developmental disabilities affect boys


These are big numbers and on top of that we know that men are significantly less likely to seek medical advice or mental health support.

mens health chart


So, what are some ways we can alter the face of Men’s Health?




We all know we SHOULD get up and get moving but have a list of excuses that hold us back. Here a few thoughts that may motivate you:


  1. Men who are inactive are 60% more likely to suffer depression than their active counterparts
  2. Men who walk 5 blocks or climb 50 stairs to work each day are 25% less likely to suffer a heart attack


These are simple and easy ways of improving your health, so set a goal to be active 5 days in the week for 30mins. Even a simple walk or home work-out will suffice.




Eating 2 serves of fruit and 5 serves of veggies each day has been shown to change the way our brain and body functions. It helps our body repair, grow and resist diseases via our immune system. It assists better sleep and digestive health.


Now a touchy subject is alcohol, as it is ingrained in Australian culture. And its not all bad for the frothy beverages. Having between 4-10 alcoholic drinks per week can reduce the risk of Type 2 Diabetes (though more that 10 drinks can DOUBLE your risk). In many cases, less is better with alcohol as globally it is linked with six times as many deaths for men than women.




Men who sleep 7-8hrs each night are 60% less likely to die of a heart attack, than those who sleep 5hrs or less. Both exercise and nutrition play a role in assisting good sleep health, so talk to your GP about how you can get some more Z’s each day.


Finally, CONNECT!


Yes, that’s right. Reach out to relatives, partners, work mates and friends, to start a conversation. Men are less likely to seek help or discuss health related matters, even to their doctor. So, check in with those around you, particularly in these times where social distancing and isolation is the norm. Even a simple conversation can be life-saving.

Mens health fact chart

Mens health fact chart