Returning to Sport with ForceDecks

Woman using ForceDesk

What are ForceDecks?

ForceDecks by VALD is a wireless dual force platform used to analyse balance, strength, and movement strategies in a range of different exercises and jump movements. It is the world’s fastest, easiest, and most powerful dual plate system for analysing strength and imbalance within patients.


The use of the ForceDecks allows for in-depth analysis of patients and athletes strength, performance and any asymmetries in movements that wouldn’t be picked up otherwise. There are many benefits involved with the use of ForceDecks within the physio and rehab world. The software involved with ForceDecks allows for quick and easy on the spot assessment of stability, strength, and movement. The new and improved iPad app also enables us to view force traces in conjunction with real-time video recording of your movements.


Some benefits include:

  • Ability to track trends in athletes’ health and performance.
  • Provides immediate feedback/results within your appointment via the ForceDecks App on our iPad.
  • Thorough results are immediately uploaded to your individual profile on the performance hub. Providing printable graphs comparing your results to any previous results.
  • Easy monitoring of athlete’s progress throughout their rehab as the software provides immediate comparison of current results with an athlete’s history.
  • Results are easily shared between your physiotherapist and strength coach.
  • ForceDecks allows your physiotherapist to access information that cannot be calculated otherwise – improving the ability to prescribe more specific training programs.


How ForceDecks are used in Return to Sport

The use of ForceDecks is extremely helpful for assessing an athlete’s ability to return to play. The ForceDecks assist in determining how well an athlete is recovering, when the rehabilitation program should progress and if the athlete is strong enough to return to their sport.


The objectives of using ForceDecks for return to play:

  • Determine how far the athlete has been set back by the injury – for example, showing data on the injured side versus un-injured side.
  • Set specific goals for rehab progress and outcomes – based on normative data or in comparison to their uninjured side.
  • Monitor progress, and if needed, alter rehab programs according to the results.
  • Set objective markers to be used for clearance for return to play.
  • To meet end-stage rehab goals according to our Physio Connex Rehab Protocols.


Added bonus – the use of ForceDecks in our assessments are incorporated without extra cost!


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